Frequently Asking Question

Hopefully we can answer your questions. If you have any additional questions about Hamro Remit, Please send us a message any time .

Once you have submitted the transaction to Hamro Remit using our webservices, you can check the staus of transfer by login to your account. When you first submit your transfer, you’ll receive a receipt with your reference number. We will send you an update if you make any changes to the transfer, or if it is delayed for any reason. After the transfer completes, you will receive a notification that the transfer has been completed. 

Once you have submitted the transactions to Hamro Remit to send money to nepal using our web servcies, you can still make changes in transactions if the transaction has not been already completed.
Simply you need to contact us and provide your reference number, and we’ll help you with any changes you’d like to make.Changes will be applied immediately and may cause your transfer to be delayed.

To cancel a transaction

 Transaction to send money to nepal can only be cancelled, if the transaction is not completed. Please contact us immediately to cancel the transaction.

Sending money with Hamro Remit is easy! We give you choices so you can decide how you want to send or receive money. First, use your email address to create a free account on our website . Enter the amount of money you want to send, your recipient’s information, and your payment information.

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